Founded in 2001, Bracketron's first product offering, the Custom Bezel Mount was engineered for the professional installer of mobile electronics. Consumer response was overwhelmingly positive and set a clear direction for the future of our business.

Since then, Bracketron has broadened our product line to include a variety of flexible mounting options designed to extend the use of the device and enhance the overall user experience. They're goal is to be the premier market leader, and your first choice, within the mobile mounting and accessory industry.



   Bracketron IPW-264-BL iPhone 4 Hip-Kicker with Windshield Mount

  Our exclusive iPhone 4 Hip-Kicker with Windshield Mount is three solutions in one package -

  the Hip-Kicker is a windshield mount, a belt clip, and a stand.

  Now you can safely mount your iPhone in your vehicle. The windshield mount's 360° rotating head adds even more adjustability,

  allowing easy mounting to any windshield

  while providing a  secure base for your iPhone 4. Holder also functions as a belt clip so that you never have to be without

  your iPhone 4.

Bracketron UGC-220-BL USB Car Charger Adapter

 The USB Car Charger sits flush in your dash and charges your mobile device at the fastest possible speed.

 The sleek design ensures that the charger fits neatly and safely in your dash. Works well for anyone that needs to charge their iPhone/iPod, cell or GPS in the car. With over 3

 billiondevices shipped in 2008 alone, USB is perhaps the most successful interface in modern history. However, most cars do not have a USB port until now.